The most important thing is to feel good!

Your menstrual well-being

And not just during your period

What is menstrual well-being?

Menstrual well-being is a right, and it's about feeling good at every moment of your cycle, not just during your period. It's also the answer to questions that all women can ask themselves: are my periods and my cycle normal?

Menstrual well-being test

Evaluate your menstrual well-being

Luna offers you a quick, accessible and free test to assess your intimate well-being and menstrual health. To find out if everything's going well and if your cycle is normal or if there's a risk of pathology, go to the Luna app!

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Your menstrual well-being score

What can you do if your menstrual well-being is at risk?

Luna is for all women, helping them to take care of their menstrual health. If your menstrual well-being is at risk, we support you, and recommend that you take the endometriosis diagnostic test (CE Medical Device), so that we can guide you towards a suitable course of care and rapidly obtain a diagnosis to improve your quality of life and reduce your symptoms.

Diagnosis test

What if it was endometriosis?

Take the test to help diagnose endometriosis in just a few minutes on the Luna app, and make an appointment with a healthcare professional trained in the disease at a Luna care center!

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Luna is now available

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